Where is St John's?


to St John's Anglican Cathedral, Brisbane

St John's Cathedral is home to a community which seeks to bring the best of Anglican tradition into dialogue with the issues and needs of our day.

We strive for open-minded conversation, seek to practice inclusion, and reflect on how we might see our beliefs put into action. We want this to be a place where people are encouraged to seek God and progress their own spiritual journeys.

The cathedral itself, a renowned Brisbane landmark, serves as a magnet, where diverse people gather to worship, celebrate, seek solace, converse and learn.

Peter Catt
Dean of Brisbane


God’s fool, God’s jester
capering at his right hand
in torment, proving the fallacy
of the impassible, reminding
him of omnipotence’s limits.

I have seen the figure
on our human tree, burned
into it by thought’s lightning
and it writhed as I looked.

A god has no alternative
but himself. With what crown
plurality but with thorns?
Whose is the mirthless laughter
at the beloved irony
at his side? The universe over,
omniscience warns, the crosses
are being erected from such
material as is available
to remorse. What are the stars
but time’s fires going out
before ever the crucified
can be taken down?
there is only this one option
before me. Remembering
as one goes out into space,
on the way to the sun,
how dark it will grow,
I stare up into the darkness
of his countenance, knowing it
a reflection of the three days and nights
at the back of love’s looking -
glass even a god must spend.

Not the empty tomb
but the uninhabited
cross. Look long enough
and you will see the arms
put on leaves. Not a crown
of thorns, but a crown of flowers
haloing it, with a bird singing
as though perched on paradise’s threshold.

We have over-furnished
our faith. Our churches
are as limousines in the procession
towards heaven. But the verities
remain: a de-nuclearised
cross, uncontaminated
by our coinage; the chalice’s
ichor; and one crumb of bread
on the tongue for the bird-like
intelligence to be made tame by.

R S Thomas, From Crucifixion (Counterpoint, 1990)

St John's Cathedral, 373 Ann Street, Brisbane, Qld, Australia. Open for visitors from 9.30am-4.30pm daily.